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At the April 1991 meeting of the Trustees of Indiana University, the Division of Allied Health Sciences was granted school status. The School of Allied Health Sciences encompassed allied health programming on five of the eight campuses of Indiana University and incorporated 21 distinct allied health academic degree programs.

In 2002 the School of Allied Health Sciences was restructured to better align campus resources in support of the allied health sciences degrees.

The resulting School of Allied Health Sciences focused solely on delivering graduate degrees in selected health and rehabilitation science disciplines. The undergraduate allied health sciences degrees migrated to other academic units on the IUPUI campus.

To better reflect the more focused academic mission of the school, and based on faculty recommendation, in June 2003 the Trustees of Indiana University approved a name change to the School of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences. Four departments comprise the school: Health Sciences, Nutrition & Dietetics, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy. During its over 40-year history the school has provided leadership in education, research, and civic engagement pertaining to health for the citizens of Indiana, the region and the nation.


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