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District and Club Records, 1915-2007, includes materials created for and associated with Kiwanis Districts and Clubs such as conference packets, correspondence, manuals, and newsletters. This material reflects the International Office’s activity with regard to the training and equipping of Kiwanis subsidiaries. Conference materials include packets of information specifically related to instruction on the effective operations of club and district organizations, educational materials for officers and leaders, forms, and program ideas. While the majority of the conference material is post 1970, some information dating back to 1930 is available. The manuals offer a logistical look at club and district leadership and cover the 1930s and 2000s. Included are manuals for district officers, club officers, and members that offer guidelines for official duties. The newsletters, produced by Kiwanis Headquarters, link the national office with its constituents by providing informational material about nationwide Kiwanis news, major board decisions, and activities of other clubs. Certain newsletters, like Advance Program Suggestions and Monthly Suggestions to Kiwanis Clubs, serve as a programming tool by providing ideas for activities that follow the Kiwanis theme. The newsletters begin in the 1920s and run through the present. Other information offered in this series includes a listing of club charter dates, a district officers list through 1950, and district historical data. The historical data is statistical data compiled annually by Kiwanis and divided by district. Data collected includes district attendance at the international and district convention, international offices and committees held by individuals from the district, membership numbers, and a brief summary of the district’s history. This information covers the period from the 1940s through 1974.


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