ICJI Data Priorities and Crime Data Reporting in Indiana

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IUPUI (Campus). Center for Criminal Justice Research

Beginning in June 2011, CCJR entered into a two-year agreement to serve as a research partner and assist the Indiana Criminal Justice Institue (ICJI) in improving criminal justice programming and policy development in Indiana. One priority identified by ICJI was the need to assess and improve crime- and justice-related data collection and accessibility to ICJI, their subgrantees, and other partners throughout the state..

This brief describes CCJR efforts regarding research on ICJI data needs. In particular, ICJI as well as key informants have identified improved crime data reporting as critical. This report provides an overview of ICJI priority data needs; an analysis of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) uniform crime reporting (UCR) summary data by jurisdiction in Indiana (this is an update to analyses conducted by CCJR in 2007); and, a brief description of a new Indiana State Police records management system (RMS) that will include local crime data reporting.

Criminal justice systems
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