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IU Public Policy Institute

The second project under the Policy Choices Initiative, Thriving Communities, Thriving State, continues the conversation about the challenges to and opportunities for creating a vibrant future for Indiana, but from a place-based context. This issue brief serves as an overview of the typology used in Thriving Communities, (urban areas, mid-sized areas, and small town/rural areas) and presents summary data based on this typology, including demographics, health and well-being data, and economic data.

Place is an important unit of analysis in the competition for attracting business and residents. Ultimately, however, the futures of many Hoosier communities are inextricably inked to the successes of surrounding communities. While every place has its own unique set of needs and successes, leaders must think hard about how those things that create identity for their community can continue to add community value as part of a network of places.

Economic development, Intergovernmental relations, Tax and finance, Housing, Community development
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