Indiana Traffic Safety Facts: County Profiles 2009

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IUPUI (Campus). Center for Criminal Justice Research

In 2009, there were 289,001 drivers involved in Indiana traffic collisions. Statewide there were 189,676 total collisions reported by law enforcement officers. Of those 189,676 collisions, 631 were classified as fatal resulting in 692 fatalities. An additional 46,590 persons were known to be injured.

This fact sheet provides information on Indiana traffic collisions by county in 2009. County level information is provided on vehicle registrations, licensed drivers, fatal and injury collisions, fatalities and injuries, restraint usage, driver alcohol levels, traffic-signal running, and crashes that occur within municipalities within each county. Each county profile contains two maps – one depicting the location of each collision involving a fatal injury and each collision involving an incapacitating injury; the second map depicts the top intersection collisions (by mappable collision count) for that county.

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