Indiana Traffic Safety Facts: Driver History and Crash Outcomes 2012

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IUPUI (Campus). Center for Criminal Justice Research

There were 290,289 drivers involved in collisions in Indiana in 2012, of whom 257,257 (89 percent) were Indiana resident drivers. Of these resident drivers, 251,615 (98 percent) were successfully matched against the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) traffic offense dataset and traffic offense data were returned for analysis. More than one-third of these drivers had a history of traffic offenses in the three years prior to the crash. Indiana crash data come from the Indiana State Police Automated Reporting Information Exchange System (ARIES), as of April 9, 2013.

This fact sheet links data from the official Indiana crash outcomes repository with data on convictions for traffic offenses for specific drivers involved in traffic crashes. In linking these data, policymakers, law enforcement officials, and researchers can gain a better understanding of how the history of driver behavior can be used to predict crash outcomes and the contributing factors to crashes.

Public safety, Traffic safety
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