Services, Training, Officers, and Prosecutors (STOP) Grant

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IUPUI (Campus). Center for Criminal Justice Research

This report describes best practices for subgrants awarded under the Services, Training, Officers, and Prosecutors (STOP) Violence Against Women Formula Grant Program funding stream administered by ICJI. For this assessment, CCJR consulted relevant materials from ICJI, including subgrantee information for the previous two funding cycles, subgrantee solicitation documents, 2012 subgrantee applications, and 2011 subgrantee annual progress reports. .

The assessment of best practices is structured according to seven broad categories (encompassing 14 federal purpose areas), including: 1) training; 2) special units; 3) policies, protocols, orders, and services; 4) data and communication systems; 5) victim services; 6) underserved populations; and, 7) collaborative efforts. Overall, the best practice assessment highlights programming considerations, examples of successful or promising programs, and key resources for further consultation. The report concludes with recommendations.

Criminal justice systems, Law enforcement, Policing, Violence, Victimization
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