Report on Policy Choices and Options: Commission on Education and Workforce Development

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IUPUI (Campus). Center for Criminal Justice Research

This report from the Commission on Education and Workforce Development, part of the project, Policy Choices for Indiana’s Future, was released February 17, 2012. The goal of Policy Choices is to start the discussion among government, nonprofit, and private sector leaders about these topics now—to provide policy options for action. Three commissions began work in January 2010 conducting research and developing options for effective public policy – Commission on Education and Workforce Development, Commission on Energy and the Environment, Commission on State and Local Tax Policy. Though certainly not an exhaustive set of remedies, the policy choices selected by the commission represent a diverse set of initiatives designed to address many of the gaps that exist in Indiana’s education and workforce development systems. These choices fall under three issues: · Align college and career standards for high school graduation and admission to college · Redesign the state’s workforce training, economic development, and postsecondary education strategies for workers to ensure that they remain competitive in the labor market · Increase participation by employers in the design and delivery of the workforce development system

Economic development, Quality of life, Youth
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