CAGI Conference Evaluation: Gangbusters: Schools, gangs, and Bullies - Making the Connection

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IU Public Policy Institute

The Gangbusters: Schools, Gangs and Bullies – Making the Connection summit was held on September 23, 2011. Several sessions that were part of previous CAGI Prevention/Intervention conferences were offered, including Gangs: What you need to know, Indianapolis Gang Overview and Awareness, and Online Social Media: Juveniles and Gangs. The conference included a presentation specifically aimed at school‐related gang issues titled Fundamentals of dealing with gangs in schools. Bullying, hazing and gang behaviors was another new session offered to attendees. Conference participants represented a range of stakeholders with interest in school‐related gang issues, including school administrators, juvenile probation officers, social workers, school police, guidance counselors, and teachers.

Sixty‐nine completed conference evaluation forms were provided to the Indiana University Center for Criminal Justice Research (CCJR) for data entry and analysis. This report summarizes the results of the conference evaluations.

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