Committees 1993-2003, 2006


This folder contains files related to Sigma Theta Tau International’s committees from 1993 to 2006. Committees include: Employee Relations Committee, Heritage Committee, Library Committee, Presence Committee, Program Committee, Publications Committee, and Research Committee. The folder contains final reports, committee member lists, meeting minutes, and agendas.

File formats contained in this folder: doc, pdf, ppt, txt, xls, adg, agd, agn, all, apr, art, asg, aug, bal, cha, cht, dec, eml, feb, fnd, frm, grt, how, ibm, ima, jan, jud, jul, jun, jv, lc, lst, ltr, mac, mar, may, mdb, me, mi min, mon, nov, oct, ojk, rc, reg, rpt, rtf, sep, spt, sub, tbl, tem, tl, tst, tst, wpd
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