Assessment of Safe Haven Grants Administered by the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute: 2005 and 2006 Grant Awards

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IUPUI (Campus). Center for Criminal Justice Research

Indiana’s Safe School Fund, first established in 1995 and enhanced through amendments in 1999, was established as part of Indiana's commitment to making local schools safer. The overall intent of the Safe Haven Education Program is to ensure that Indiana Schools are safe and free from violence and drugs. The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute (ICJI) was charged with administering and overseeing the implementation of the fund. This report summarizes an assessment conducted by the Center for Criminal Justice Research at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. Researchers analyzed the distribution of total Safe Haven grant funds by program area and by county, and conducted 10 randomly selected case studies to assess the grant application and management process both within ICJI and at the subgrantee level.

Drugs, Crime, Education, Children
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